Searching the Internet for an Inheritance Cash Advance, Inheritance Loan, Inheritance Funding, a Probate Advance, an Heir Advance, a Trust Fund Advance
or a Beneficiary Advance?

Estate Finance can provide you with a quick inheritance loan or inheritance advance against your inheritance, probate estate or trust ranging from
$2,500 to $1,000,000+ in as little as three business days.

How an Inheritance Loan or Inheritance Advance Works:

You receive a quick inheritance loan or inheritance advance against a portion
of your expected inheritance, probate estate or trust distribution to pay bills,
mortgage payments or medical expenses. An inheritance loan from Estate Finance provides the ability to make debt collectors go away while providing you the ability to cover mortgage payments, make improvements or repairs to the estate or finally take that vacation you’ve been dreaming about!
Our inheritance cash advances are “non-recourse” which means you are not personally responsible for paying us back.

Unlike traditional lenders, Estate Finance advances money regardless of personal credit status or income history because we work directly with the executor or personal representative to purchase a portion of your inheritance and are repaid directly by the probate estate or trust when the property and assets are finally distributed. Working directly with the probate estate or trust gives Estate Finance the ability to provide you with an inheritance cash advance or probate loan without the hassle monthly payments. In other words, once you’ve received your advance, you’re free to use the money however you see fit without having to worrying about how you’ll pay it back.

Advantages of choosing an Inheritance Advance from Estate Finance:

•   Received an inheritance advance FAST, in as little as 72 hours!

•   No Monthly Payments!

•   No Cost to Apply!

•   Poor credit or no credit is No problem!

•   No restrictions on how you use the inheritance advance.

•   No employment verification is required.

•   There are NO upfront or hidden fees!

Our staff of friendly knowledgeable probate attorneys, paralegals and support staff are always available to answer any questions you may have about our inheritance advance or probate loan programs. Estate Finance underwriters are the most skilled and flexible in the industry, often saying yes to an inheritance advance or inheritance loan when most other companies say no.

Inheritance and Probate Cash Advance Criteria:

1   The probate estate, inheritance should be currently in probate or close to      starting the probate process.

2   The probate estate, trust or inheritance must distribute within 2 years or      less. Preferably within one year.

3   You will be inheriting or receiving $15,000 or more within the 2 year period.

4   For trusts, there must be no "spend thrift" clause in the trust documents      prohibiting the assignment of proceeds from the trust or advances on      future distributions. In addition, in most cases with trusts the trustee must      agree to allow for an advance against the trust.

5   The probate estate, trust or inheritance must be located within the      United States or Canada.

Stop worrying and waiting, Call Now! Our staff of friendly knowledgeable probate attorneys, paralegals and support staff are waiting to help. Get the money you need fast with no upfront or hidden fees. Contact Estate Finance today toll free at 1(866)559-FUND (3863) for a free inheritance cash advance or probate loan consultation, or start the process immediately by filling out our secure online inheritance loan request or simply download complete and fax in a full inheritance loan application now.

Estate Finance is a licensed and regulated lender staffed with many experienced attorneys who have a solid understanding of the probate estate and trust processes and the financial issues that affect heirs. As such, they possess far more expertise in assessing the value of an estate in probate or a trust portfolio than does the typical commercial bank. Additionally, our staff fully understands the financial importance and possible strains the probate estate or trust process can place on an heir. We're here to help!


To learn more about how Estate Finance™ can provide you with the most money at the least cost, call us today at 800-572-1986.

Or simply complete the Estate Finance™ Applicant Information Form.

Our knowledgeable staff of attorneys, paralegals and legal assistants will be glad to explain all the details and help you through the application process.



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