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Estate Finance™ inheritance loans and cash advances are specifically tailored by our attorneys, paralegals and professional funding staff to provide immediate financial relief during the probate or trust process.
Heirs, trustees, beneficiaries, personal representatives and administrators can receive an inheritance loan or cash advance in as little as 48 hours.
There are no monthly payments or hidden fees. Unlike traditional lenders we advance money regardless of personal credit status or income history because we are repaid directly by the probate estate or trust when the assets are finally distributed. Through hands-on customer service and dedication to our clients we have quickly grown to become North America's # 1 inheritance loan lender.

Estate Finance™ is an affiliate of LawFinance Group family of companies and that a pioneered the business of law related financing, and has funded more than two hundred fifty million dollars during the last sixteen years. Our founders, attorneys themselves, created the concept of risk-free funding for people involved in legal proceedings in 1994. Our founders each have over 40 years of professional legal experience.

Estate Finance™ is a Financial Lender licensed by the State of California. Our management and staff of attorneys, paralegals, and funding officers understand how the loss of a loved one causes pain and grief. Dealing with the pressure of financial and legal matters and the probate process can just make matters worse. If you are an heir, probate executor or trustee, we understand the probate estate and trust processes and the financial issues that affect heirs. Time can help heal grief and overcome financial problems. Getting a cash advance or loan from Estate Finance can give you some immediate help and relief. Our staff fully understands the financial strains the probate estate or trust process can place on an heir.
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To learn more about how Estate Finance™ can provide you with the most money at the least cost, call us today at 800-572-1986.

Or simply complete the Estate Finance™ Applicant Information Form.

Our knowledgeable staff of attorneys, paralegals and legal assistants will be glad to explain all the details and help you through the application process.



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